Dig Deeper, Dig Wider, a novel by Donald Whitman
"Before you embark on an act of revenge, dig two graves." Confucius
Extortionists threaten to poison the food in a large restaurant chain unless they are paid eight million dollars. Winston Barber is a hardworking, family man who is tortured by the choices he faces. If he borrows the money, the ensuing debt will drown his family. Should he just close up shop and leave creditors and employees out in the cold? It shakes him to the core to acquiesce to the extortion demands.

The team of FBI agents led by Agent Peters means will, but they are snookered at every turn. The extortionists manage to collect the money and leave no trail. But they kill one of their own and now they have the attention of Detective Jack Nebra. 

The FBI loses an agent, the money is gone, a little girl is dead, and now so are all their suspects. They close their case. But it’s not over yet. Not by a long shot. They should take lessons from Nebra and dig deeper and dig wider. 

Donald Whitman is a native of Albany, Georgia. After graduating college with a degree in business he spent three years with the U.S. General Accounting Office, assigned to the NASA Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama. He then began a career in real estate re-development and management, with re-building projects including six story hotels and large apartment communities as well as single family homes.

DIG DEEPER, DIG WIDER is his second novel. His first, FATAL HEALING, about a pharmaceutical company that starts a disease because it has the cure, is available now. ISLE OF DECEIT, set in the ABACO islands, Bahamas, is almost completed and will debut soon.

He lives with his wife Barbara in metro Atlanta. They have two married daughters, and five grand- children. He is active in his community where he served five years on the Board of Directors for a nationally acclaimed water authority and in his church, where he is an elder and teaches Sunday school. His hobbies include water skiing and swimming and he does one or the other three or four times a week.
"A diabolical but creative crime perpetrated by increasingly​ dysfunctional villains...always a good mix! Twists and turns as the good guys struggle to deal with the crisis...sometimes successfully, other times not so much. A fascinating read." ~  Rodney page, author of MURCHESON COUNTY

"A gripping premise with a sense of urgency that keeps the pages turning." ~ Dan Lawton, author of DECEPTION and OPERATION SALAZAR

“Dig Deeper, Dig Wider uses a uniquely imaginative premise to drive a story packed with evil, extortion and creative money laundering on its way to a surprising and satisfying conclusion”. 
~  Frank Foster, Best Selling Author of the Boca series and Catch a Falling Knife

"It was eerie the way everything fell into place. The means to cause the poisoning. The ideal situation for taking the payoff. The way to cleanse the money. Almost as if it were pre- ordained. But if this plot was being overseen by a supreme being, it certainly was not one from the heavenly realm." ~From Chapter One